PART I - 7 Days of Ilana Organics Brightening Skin Serum

A great deal of research and time goes into making sure Ilana products are safe and effective. But once they’re out there it’s always exciting for us to see it at work in real time with a range of skincare needs and wants. Our new series is going to occasionally show up in your feed as we check in with people from the Ilana community who have been asked to try our products for extended periods.
So this week we’re documenting the ongoing experiences of two women who have begun using Ilana Organics Brightening Skin Serum for the first time. They have pretty diverse needs as you will see. So introducing our players:

Karen is 21 and has had to deal with acne for quite a while. Her skin is super sensitive and she’s allergic to many ingredients. Shikha is 45 and has skin that tends towards dryness and though breakouts are rare she wanted a more even skin tone and is hoping to shed the dullness. Developing a youthful glow is always a big plus.

So what were your thoughts on beginning this challenge?
Karen: ​I have so many issues with my skin that I was a little wary. I was afraid this would be one more thing that didn’t work or that caused an allergic reaction. I was diagnosed with PCOD and so hormonal imbalances have something to do with my skin breakouts. What I eat matters -- overriding sugar or dairy cause flare ups.
Shikha:​ I never had much of a routine other than washing off make-up and moisturizing before bed. I seldom use soap. My skin is dry and tends to look grey when not moisturized. And I thought patchiness and dark spots are just some of the things that come with age. I was happy to take the challenge but was sceptical that there would be any real difference.

What is your routine with the serum?
Karen​: I’m using the brightening serum for spot treatments/ hyperpigmentation. Mostly only at night before bed. Didn't go for the clarifying serum because of an allergy to tea tree oil. I checked with Ilana and they said to try this as a spot treatment.
Shikha: ​I've been using the serum twice a day; in the morning just after washing my face and the last thing at night before bed.


What are your initial experiences and thoughts?
Karen: ​For the first 2 days I​ ​felt some initial breakouts, but I continued because I had been forewarned about possible purging, a term used to describe when your skin is expelling impurities. It is certainly soothing and has been helping my acne subside faster. Its been 10 days so far. I’m hopeful about this.

Karen’s Skin Before and After using the Skin Brightening Serum for 7 days

 Karen’s skin before and after using the Skin Brightening Serum for 7 days

Shikha:​ First I have to say I just LOVE the aroma! Feels so spa-like I want to close my eyes and get some cucumber slices on. It feels like pampering my skin. I had no adverse reactions thus far but would love to see whether this makes a difference to uneven skin tone and dark patches. I feel like there is a little evening of tone, but I’m not sure yet whether this is a change or just the usual ups and downs. I can never judge my own skin and I guess the photos and feedback will tell us whether its working.

Shikha’s Skin Before and After using the Skin Brightening Serum for 7 days
So far so good for these lovely ladies! We’re going to check in with them at the 30 Day mark. Watch this space for more!

Do let us know in the comments which product you’d like to see stand up to the challenge!

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