Clarifying Skin Serum for Acne and Breakouts → Argan + Tea Tree

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Net Wt. 15ml 

⚡ Hauterfly Recommended
⚡Magical Clarifying Serum
Brighten's Skin
Natural & Effective Results
 Clears Acne
 Treats Redness & Clarifies Pores

A non-greasy elixir that aids in clarifying skin and acne within just a couple of days. This blend of Argan and Tea Tree moisturizes, disinfects and cures the most stubborn acne while leaving the skin Dewy, Lucent and Nourished at the same time.


Argan oil being extremely light in texture does not clog pores and restores nutrient content to skin cells.

Rosemary & Tea tree both contain strong antibacterial and anti fungal compounds thus reducing the inflammation and redness around the acne pimple.

Argania spinosa (argan oil), Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree), Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary), Lavandula angustifolia (lavender), Citrus limon (lemon)
*and nothing else.

Apply 2 drops in the morning and 2 drops in the night on the face and neck post cleansing for better results.

Your MOOD FIX to feel




Skin and hair care straight out of nature’s gorgeous bounty.

Are you a woman on a mission with a love for hair serums and gritty scrubs?


You’ve stepped into personal care heaven. Quite literally.  Say hello to an organic personal care brand made of 100% natural ingredients! Being all natural, toxin, paraben and sulphate free, we are what one might call organic goals for the urban city dweller. Swap your chemical-ridden products for those from Ilana Organics - kind to nature and kinder to your skin and hair.
Here’s giving you reason to make the organic switch: Our stuff is SO natural you can eat it. If it’s good enough to consume its good enough for your hair and skin!
Our Mission: Picky women are our kind of women. Here’s encouraging the urban girl to be extra meticulous when it comes to choosing personal care products.

Our Essence: We are nothing if not individualistic, urban, ethical and wholesome in our sourcing, testing, creating and packaging.

Our Vibe: Inspiring women to bask in an organic-rich atmosphere thick with good vibes.

Our Promise: A guilt-free hair and skin care collective created with nature’s best. Don’t take our word for it. Try It.

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At Ilana we believe in everyone being their beautiful self. We encourage for you to feel beautiful and be comfortable in your own skin. Our mission is to constantly churn wholesome skincare made with meticulously sourced ingredients that exceed your expectations. 

We source all our high performance ingredients from ecocert and trade safe certified farms around the country. We are always on the lookout for natural ingredients that pack a punch in its effects.

 If it isn’t green, it isn’t our way. Our products are all-natural and without any adulteration to nullify the effect. We maintain high standards for quality and formulation, provide professional opportunities to semi-skilled workers and strive to be ethical in every process. Being progressively ethical for the betterment of personal skin  and hair care and the environment is what sets us apart.

Customer Reviews

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Really happy with the purchase

It’s really helping my skin out. I never thought oils would be the answer to my acne woes. But I am glad it is. I have been using it everyday along with my other products and it doesn’t make my skin overly oily or suffocated. Overall I’m happy I bought it.


This serum is magical...i love it

Great hair serum for frizzy wavy-curly hair in a humid area

It didn't really work for me as a facial serum because argan oil is really moisturing, I have normal skin and I live in a humid city. My face looks like I have ran a marathon by the time I have reached my office. But then, it works wonders as a hair serum. Just two drops run through damp hair and it makes my hair manageable in this humidity. And it doesn't leave my hair brittle or weak in the following days, like some serums do. And tea tree oil effectively eliminates many causes of dandruff, with its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. I only the fact that Ilana makes these combinations that are versatile in use. I just hope Ilana doesn't change the glass dropper to a plastic pump like they did with others. You can't control the amount of product you need with the pump. The glass dropper is an amazing utility.

Ilana clarifying skin serum for acne

Best serum ,lot of changes in my face after using this,it also reduce d cyst acne,bt it won't disappear in 1 or 2 days,we can c d results with in 2 weeks after using it, planning to buy the second bottle

One of the best acne skincare products!

It's been 22 days since I first started using the Clarifying skin serum and it has worked wonders for my acne prone skin. Its extremely difficult to find a serum that fits well with combination skin and this serum has been a bliss. The acne and acne scars on my face have almost vanished in a short span of time. This is definitely a product that will get added to my every day skin care routine.


Clarifying Skin Serum for Acne and Breakouts → Argan + Tea Tree

Good product

I have an oily skin.When I heard about this Clarifying serum product I just gave it a try and surprisingly I can see good results after one week of using it.
I will recommend this serum those who have acne prone skin.


Clarifying Skin Serum for Acne and Breakouts → Argan + Tea Tree

I felt a difference within a few days!

Given the sensitive nature of my skin, I think twice before applying any new product to my face. I was pleasantly surprised when within a few days of applying the Ilana Clarifying Serum, my skin felt smoother, radiant and more nourished. I have been using it regularly, twice a day as advised, and it's definitely making my skin feel beautiful. Because of the humid weather, the serum tends to make my face a tad bit oily, but the overall result is great and I am very happy with it, good bye break outs- Thank you!

Hopeful on promises.

Hey Ilana !
So I guess you guys have been counting the days. However, delivery took soo long. The products reached me on 9th of August actually. Been using it ever since. As of now. . White heads and black heads are still prominent. Already used the Charcoal mask you suggested thrice a week. Still hopeful for better results. Complexion is fine. However , as my skin is oily especially during the day, the pores become more visible along with the white heads and blackheads. In the mean time. I still have faith in you guys.

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