Ilana is an urban goddess just like you, a city-bred diva if we might say. Just like you she blows her team away with that 22-slide PPT and yet has time to tackle laundry and fix a gourmet meal. On bad days she dreams of a living on a little farm with a herb garden and beds of greens to source her daily salad dose. It makes her crave an escape from the monotony. But, the hustle and bustle of the city? That’s something she can never leave behind. The energy, the chaos, the vibrancy of life - keeps her hooked. There’s nothing she loves more.

Reviving Moisture Mask

So... Are you a woman on a mission with a love for hair serums and gritty scrubs?


We inspire this urban woman with a desire to live in the mountains, to celebrate the best of both worlds! Born of one woman’s craving to inspire an organic switch in day to day living – Ilana Organics is a blend of natural sources and a system rich in modern ethics. It brings together the tradition of natural personal care and modern, sustainable methods to derive it.


Our Mission: Picky women are our kind of women. Here’s encouraging the urban girl to be extra meticulous when it comes to choosing personal care products.

Our Essence: We are nothing if not individualistic, urban, ethical and wholesome in our sourcing, testing, creating and packaging.

Our Vibe: Inspiring women to bask in an organic-rich atmosphere thick with good vibes.

Our Promise: A guilt-free hair and skin care collective created with nature’s best. Don’t take our word for it. Try It.



At Ilana we believe in everyone being their beautiful self. We encourage for you to feel beautiful and be comfortable in your own skin. Our mission is to constantly churn wholesome skincare made with meticulously sourced ingredients that exceed your expectations. 

We source all our high performance ingredients from Organic and Trade Safe certified farms around the country. We are always on the lookout for natural ingredients that pack a punch in its effects.

 If it isn’t green, it isn’t our way. Our products are all-natural and without any adulteration to nullify the effect. We maintain high standards for quality and formulation, provide professional opportunities to semi-skilled workers and strive to be ethical in every process. Being progressively ethical for the betterment of personal skin  and hair care and the environment is what sets us apart.