You’re an urban goddess, a city-bred diva if we might say. You blow your team away with that 22-slide PPT and yet have time to tackle laundry and fix a gourmet meal. On bad days you dream of a living on a little farm with a herb garden and beds of greens to source your daily salad dose. It makes you crave an escape from the monotony. But, the hustle and bustle of the city? That’s something you can never leave behind. The energy, the chaos, the vibrancy of life - keeps you hooked. There’s nothing you love more.

We inspire this urban woman with a desire to live in the mountains, to celebrate the best of both worlds! Born of one woman’s craving to inspire an organic switch in day to day living – Ilana Organics is a blend of natural sources and a system rich in modern ethics. It brings together the tradition of natural personal care and modern, sustainable methods to derive it.

Nikita Deshpande & Amit Patil co-founders of Ilana Organics, were introduced to the organic space during their college years. Blown away by healthy alternative they understood that simply talking about the benefits of going organic won’t cut it. Cue: Creation of what we know today as Ilana Organics! Started in 2017 this millenial concoction has grown in leaps and bounds. Our team works out of offices in Pune while we outsource our skills from young talents all across India  and deliver countrywide.


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Photo by Alex Loup