Creative Direction : Pratiksha Jaiswal | Illustrations : Krishnendu J. Nair | Diagram Design : Deval Rathi


Raspberry acts like a single-ingredient, natural sunscreen. The natural sun protection it provides is due to the high antioxidant content of the oil and vitamin E and polyphenols which neutralize free radicals. This antioxidant power results in smooth skin, reduced wrinkles, and supple hydration.

Carrot Seed acts as a complete shield against the sun in itself, because of its high antioxidant content which offers complete sun protection and repairs dry and damaged skin that results in a deliciously dewy finish.


Avocado oil (Persea Americana), Citrus paradisi (grapefruit oil), Rosemary essential oil (Rosmarinus Officinalis), Rubus odoratus (raspberry seed oil), Daucus carota (carrot seed oil) *and nothing else.

Mfg. By : Gaillard Cosmetics, Mumbai Pvt Ltd. Gat No. - 112/2, A/P -Nasarapur, Tal.- Bhor, Dist.-Pune 412213. | Net Wt. 15ml | Pkg. & Mfg. Dt. 07/20 | Exp. Dt. 07/22