Clarifying Skin Serum for Acne and Breakouts → Argan + Tea Tree

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Net Wt. 15ml 

⚡ Hauterfly Recommended
⚡Magical Clarifying Serum
Brighten's Skin
Natural & Effective Results
 Clears Acne
 Treats Redness & Clarifies Pores

A non-greasy elixir that aids in clarifying skin and acne within just a couple of days. This blend of Argan and Tea Tree moisturizes, disinfects and cures the most stubborn acne while leaving the skin Dewy, Lucent and Nourished at the same time.


Argan oil being extremely light in texture does not clog pores and restores nutrient content to skin cells.

Rosemary & Tea tree both contain strong antibacterial and anti fungal compounds thus reducing the inflammation and redness around the acne pimple.

Argania spinosa (argan oil), Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree), Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary), Lavandula angustifolia (lavender), Citrus limon (lemon)
*and nothing else.

Apply 2 drops in the morning and 2 drops in the night on the face and neck post cleansing for better results.

Your MOOD FIX to feel




Customer Reviews

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This is the best skincare product

I was having continous breakouts and acne but after using ilana clarifying skin serum for just 10-12 days i feel so relieved now. I would order this again and again.

amazed with it's result in just a week !

I recently tried these products from Ilana Organics and I was really amazed with it's result in just a week !

bye bye breakout!

Clear skin is a dream!

This tiny little bottle helps you achieve it❤️ I got this clarifying serum from @ilanaorganics which btw is turning into one of my favourite organic skin care brands. I have been using this serum since a month now and it has made a lot of difference in the texture of my skin.

It smells like heaven, feels smooth and it's not greasy but moisturising. I have never had acne issues but I do get breakouts once in a while due to pollution, but ever since I started using this serum it's “bye bye breakout!” The best part is it is organic. It has tea tree oil and Argan oil, both of which are know for their anti-acne properties

Nyc product

It's still in working process it has lightened up my blemishes but very lil


Clarifying Skin Serum for Acne and Breakouts → Argan + Tea Tree


Clarifying Skin Serum for Acne and Breakouts → Argan + Tea Tree

I felt a difference within a few days!

Given the sensitive nature of my skin, I think twice before applying any new product to my face. I was pleasantly surprised when within a few days of applying the Ilana Clarifying Serum, my skin felt smoother, radiant and more nourished. I have been using it regularly, twice a day as advised, and it's definitely making my skin feel beautiful. Because of the humid weather, the serum tends to make my face a tad bit oily, but the overall result is great and I am very happy with it, good bye break outs- Thank you!

Hopeful on promises.

Hey Ilana !
So I guess you guys have been counting the days. However, delivery took soo long. The products reached me on 9th of August actually. Been using it ever since. As of now. . White heads and black heads are still prominent. Already used the Charcoal mask you suggested thrice a week. Still hopeful for better results. Complexion is fine. However , as my skin is oily especially during the day, the pores become more visible along with the white heads and blackheads. In the mean time. I still have faith in you guys.

It's worth it

My first ever review because I want people out there to know that this product actually works. I'll not exaggerate anything here.
I've got a sensitive skin and hence I'm prone to a little acne. Saw this on insta and I thought I'll give it a try and thank goodness I did. It's been 15days and I'm happy with the product. It feels light. 2-3 drops is more than enough to cover your face and it's not greasy.(if you apply more, it becomes oily, obviously it has argan oil) I've seen the potential pimples subside after using this serum, so I think it does the job. Cleanse, tone and then this serum everyday has become my routine. I'd totally recommend, infact I already did. 😊
Thanks Ilana for this amazing product.


Clarifying Skin Serum for Acne and Breakouts → Argan + Tea Tree

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